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We believe in sustainable growth before short-term results! And You?

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"Being a mother is not a ‘bug or penalty’ in business but a key-feature for future leadership and business success."
Eve Simon

Hire Moms!
Hire Moms!

Acceleration beyond technology is needed for sustainable growth - mothers have this ingrained in their DNA.

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51% see moms calmer in crisis
51% see moms calmer in crisis

based on the Bright Horizons Modern Family Index report

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Better listeners
Better listeners

As compared with working fathers or employees without children, mothers are described as better listeners.

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Attributes of Mothers
Attributes of Mothers

Caring, kind, conscious, dedicated, empathic, patient ... all characteristics urgently needed in business

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Care'ship vs Leadership
Care'ship vs Leadership

Instead of just managing, mothers lead by caring for the people around them, next generations and future ecosystems.

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89% of American workers ...
89% of American workers ...

agree that working moms in leadership roles bring out the best in employees.

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Sustainable Growth
Sustainable Growth

84% believe that having working moms in leadership roles will make a business more successful.

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Why it's called ... Mother Earth
Why it's called ... Mother Earth

Mother nature or mother ship? That's where it all starts. Let's bring this back into crucial conversations.

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Future Leadership
Future Leadership

Servant -, Collaborative -, Autonomous -, Compassionate -, Positive -, Conscious -, Agile Leadership ... all attributes mothers are leading by.

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Do you need more research and experiences showing why hiring mothers into leadership roles is crucial for future success?


Business as a force for creating value for society - with mothers at the helm.

We believe, the purpose of business is creating value for people and the planet, holding the space for everyone to shine and bring their talents to the greater whole, to collaborate and co-create solutions which tackle the biggest challenges of our times.


We as a society accomplished a lot. Now we reached a time where 'care'ship' comes before 'leadership - holding the space and vision for future generations before our present benefits.

Gutenachkuss vom Kind


It's time to change the way we create the Future. With a mothering mindset, foresight thinking and care'ship we are able to shift the conversation and create the best solutions for next generations

Who is best equipped for leading the way? 

We are still following an old paradigm, created on a model of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. To move towards a sustainable future we have to shift our thinking and actions towards an integrative approach which leads by love instead of power, cares more than it manages, places curiosity before knowledge and is built for future generations. We are holding space for the exceptional impact of mothers.


Not everyone is as privileged to choose to work, instead having to provide for a whole family and sometimes even a village. As it takes a village to raise a child, we are eager to support these moms and parents by giving regularly. Unicorns show up in many different ways, not just in Silicon Valley.

Want to get involved?

Fundraiser I Accelerator


Being a mom often pulls us in a million directions. To stay focused and energized you have to know your Inner Compass - your True North, your Purpose, your Strength and Values as well as your Vision. We designed a program just for you to continue accelerating from within - instead of being driven from outer circumstances.

Intensive I Workshop I Retreat


You are not alone - no matter if you are based in Africa, Asia, Europe or the US, moms often face the same challenges. We believe together we are better. We also believe there is not one answer but many. For that we created a hub of inspirations and exchange - a living library of amazing moms who lead, sharing blunt and real their insights.

Summit I Member Hub I Podcast


The Living Library

A different conversation,

a proven method, a circle of influence beyond success.

Are you ready to step up your game? We need you - to change the conversation, to be at the helm of decision making, to continue to be a role model for future generations ... at home, in business and society.

Mothers rock the boat every day - let's make it visible and impactful beyond the old paradigm - in our mothering way @ business.

Two Summits later we now work on the launch of our comprehensive Membership Hub to make all great insights available for you on your terms and timing.

Sign-up today to be a founding member of this great community & wisdom circle.


All about our Launch September 2021.

and: March 22nd & 23rd, 2022

From SUMMIT to Living Library & Community HUB

In March 2022 we conducted a 2-day summit to accelerate your leadership game and increase your quality of life.

Another round of firework after 2021 how moms lead around the globe - in life & business. With plenty of networking building on the quest of 'Regenerative Leadership'.


September 23, 2021 we kick-started the first Moms Who Lead Summit with 22 key-notes, 19 live workshops and plenty of networking within female global leaders and HR decision makers. After great demand we made them available again in connection to the 2022 Summit.

Delivering Package

Transformational Leadership

Inner Compass Program(s)

Find your Inner North-Star

This program helps you defining your next chapter in life. Understand your inner driver, your values, vision and purpose to create a powerful action plan to live a life on your terms and not being torn between family, work and external circumstances.


Lead from the inside out!

This fall we offer two open dates (virtual & in-Person)


Lead from Within

Thrive without burning out.

Join our Female Leadership Transformation Program based on the world renown Oxford Leadership (Self-Management) signature program.

September 22rnd & 23rd

In-Person in Dusseldorf (in German)

November 2022

virtual (in English) one week, 4 sessions, each 3.5h long


Break through patterns and barriers and develop a growth plan which is in harmony with you, your family and your career.

Yellow Pants

Better together

Speer headed by our founder Eve Simon we believe in the power of a flock of birds - leading by knowledge, circumstances and motivation. We are a bunch of women, moms and experts leading the way, engaged in initiatives beyond us.

Like to join?

What are you passionate about that you would like to bring into this movement?

We are hiring

As kids grow fast, so do we. Looking for an Intern who loves to write, research and organize the chaos of a start-up. Do you see a future with less stress, better opportunities for everyone, equal share and a healthy environment. We love to have you with us.

Ute Trunte.jpg

Ute Trunte, Amazon

You can have it all - sure. The barrier is our perspective, the support system we build on and the mindset of what we truly want. The Inner Compass program was a great way to find strength, focus and direction for the next chapter of my life and leadership engagement. With the highlight of connecting with mothers from around the world. Truly inspiring.

Voices & Appraisals

Michael Nuesser.jpg

Michael Nuesser, Vodafone

Motherhood is a boot-camp in agile mindset and behavior. So many parallels showcase how well equipped moms are for leading in the NEW WORK style and context. Collaborative, agile and conscious. I wish more moms could get the chance to step up and bring their full self to the table of decision making - just like the ones presented in the Summit.

Cristina Constantin.jpg

Cristina Constantin, Microsoft

To see again how much we have in common and how unique we still are was a key insight for me in joining the Moms Who Lead program and support the storytelling journey initiative.We can learn so much from each-other and become stronger as moms and leaders when we connect to others and our own Inner North.

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