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One micro loan at a time we enable moms not just to provide for a whole village but also thrive and change the future of their children.

We belive in unicorns - big and small

All over the world moms support their families, working hard around the clock. Not everyone is as privileged to choose to work, but has too - to put food on the table.

With gratitude we want to acknowledge this fact.

Take a moment and tune into our free meditation here.


​​We collaborated with, a wonderful organization supporting female solo'preneurs and parents in under privileged areas of the world.


Do you want to start a business or scale your existing?

You are at the right place.


In collaboration with some very amazing impact eco-systems and VC's we are building now an accelerator just for Moms Who Lead and change the world for good.

Buntes Kleid

Stay tuned for more

But not just wait. Get involved. Let us know your Thoughts and Needs. Your Dreams and Visions.

And if this vision is missing right now, join our Inner Compass propgram and light your fire without burning out!

Buntes Kleid
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