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Inspired by the idea of

a human living


Join our SUMMIT & Community Hub.


Full of inspiration how to combine motherhood and leadership. To thrive for next generations - from moms just like us -

for real-time solutions.

Join us September 23rd at the first MOMS WHO LEAD virtual Summit

We believe in the power of storytelling and real-life sharing. A living library full of possibilities how moms can step up the game and influence the future positively with their voice and innate care'ship for next generation as leaders in life and business.

A day worth spending to rephrase all we think about success, leadership and business.

Moms are coming in all colors and forms - their is not one solutions but many to combine motherhood and work. We are eager to showcase a multitude of ways how you can lead in life and business.


Grey is not our color!

No Worries

Get ready for a firework of inspiration, insights and involvement

Be on fire without burning out.


ANNA Dimitrova

Düsseldorf, Germany

Anna is the CFO of Vodafone, Germany. A true heartfelt trailblazer in business and personal life. Managing her international career during being a mom of a little daughter.

Learn from her the superpower of being you - not caring what other think AND making a positive impact in peoples life all by leading with love.

Nilima Bhat

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nilima is the founder of the Shakti Fellowship, a powerful community to drive conscious business while keeping true to your feminine values.

She is a global transplant, a mom, a caring wife and co-author of the book Shakti Leadership.

Listen to her wisdom will blow your mind, shift perspective and see that 'you can have it all'.

Key highlights

21+ amazing leading mama's

  • from all around the globe,

  • all walks of life and

  • all levels in business

will share their stories of success and failure and their lessons learned to drive business and thrive at home.

You will gain insights in:

  • Rephrase the divergence of part-time vs full-time.

  • How to involve partner and institutions.

  • Stay healthy in stressful times 


Just to name a few topics we will tackle and address.


This day is a great alternative to any other long-term programs & courses.

Like to get involved?

Would you like to host a workshop? Or Share your story and experiences in an interview?

Support us

Become a partner or sponsor. We offer a wide range of opportunities to show your engagement as a D&I leader.

Soon we will start our new



Official Membership will launch after SUMMIT

But when you purchase a Summit ticket than this will give you right away access to all recordings of the day, so you can dive in when it is convenient for you. Additionally every months we will add further interviews, open masterclasses or group coaching and of course lots of networking and exchange to learn from each-other. And you are the first one to know.

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