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Female Leadership

Inner Transformation

Self-Management is a big topic.

Behind this is not just a model, but a journey of self-exploration.


Curious, honest and determent is the way to find your Inner North, your True Self,

your Guidance aligned with your unique Purpose, Values and Vision

to thrive, shine and be happy

in the next chapter of your life.

Inner Compass PROGRAM

FOR Leaders, Women and MOMS

Find your INNER COMPASS and re-energize for the next chapter in life

As a leader AND mom the requirements and expectations are high. Your days are more than full. During bad days, there is self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and you feel torn between family and professional career?
This female leadership programs addresses the specific requirements of women & moms in leadership positions trying to juggle it all every day. It is based on the Self-Managing Leadership (SML) Program Methodology by Oxford Leadership with almost one million participants having discovered their values, vision and purpose. They are proving that it is possible to enjoy professional AND personal success and walk an authentic & healthy path.

The world needs great women!

The world needs YOU!

Berufstätige Mutter

In the fall of 2022 we offer 2 dates & formats .



Mark your calendar for our one and only Retreat in Silicon Valley 4/2023: Innovation Journey meets Inner Engineering.

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Mother and Daughter


week of Nov. 6th (4 x 3.5h sessions)

Golden Gate Bridge

Retreat in San Francisco

April 2023

Wooden Staircase

in-person @ Havas

September 32th & 23th (in Düsseldorf)

(Retreat) meets Journey

Ready to leave your comfort zone? Inspired by the innovative spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area you will develop a vision beyond your wildest dreams. Unleash the female leader the world needs so urgently.

Let us know if you are interested to bring this powerful program also to your company.

Let's talk

(in-person) Workshop

September 22nd & 23rd (Thursday & Friday)

in Deutsch !!!

Eager to reflect on your purpose, values and vision and the next chapter of your life? The inspiring location of Havas will be a great place for us to design a future aligned for you, your family and your leadership impact.

(virtual) Intensive

Novemeber, 6th - 8th - 10th & 13th

(Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

each 3,5h sessions from 4.30pm to 8pm CET

This is a perfect format for a global group. We will meet 4 times this week via Zoom and stay connected and inspired throughout the week.

Inner COMPass

7 Stages to explore what gives you meaning, energy and influence


The power of the collective is one of the key-components of the impact of the program.

Action Plan

You leave with a clear action plan - not just a to do list BUT more a to be roadmap!


The course consistently gets top rates in facilitation, depth, system, insights, flow and creating joy.

Geschäfts Präsentation


We keep the groups always small to ensure deep learning.

Executives, leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe joined us before.
From Peru, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria to Germany.

It is an investment in your leadership impact and career,
but also in the well-being of yourself and loved ones.


— Susanne, SAP

This is a great program. It's a program packed with goodness and it's served with warmth and feminine power.

Are you a female leader ready to take the next career move, eager to become a better leader in the hybrid world, struggling with combining motherhood and career or re-entering the workforce after a baby break? There are many reasons to join.

Like to offer the INNER COMPASS program in-house? It's a huge win for your talents and diversity & inclusion agenda!

Executives from the following companies  joined us before

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