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March 22nd & 23rd, 2022

Leadership 4.0

Ask a mom what she needs and you know what the future holds.

Changing the future of society means thinking about next generations – now!

Business is a huge part of this transformation.
But … there is a big missing piece: a regenerative mindset.

And who is best equipped with this? MOMS. And still, we don't see many moms in leadership roles who are able to close the gap and move from a solely accelerated mindset to an even healthier way of operating, steering and being.

It’s time for a REGENERATIVE LEADERSHIP approach.


21 Key-Notes

Multiple Workshops & Panels

Network like in real-life

This summit is for you as a mom, leader, HR professional, CEO and decision maker looking for a key-success feature for sustainable growth.

Join us March 22nd & 23rd

Two days packed with
cutting-edge wisdom, best practices, crucial inquires and controversial conversations.

Regeneration is a term with diverse meanings.



According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

to be regenerated is to be ‘re-born; brought again into existence; formed anew’; a natural processes

and especially: ‘to restore to a better state’.

Topics such as the Great Resignation, Climate Code Red, Mental Health issue, modernizing Education,

Talent War, Technology Ethics, New Work Transformation or Innovation Acceleration are just a few corner stones

to make us aware about the fact that it's time to change the way we do business today.

To shift the status quo is easier said than done and it's based on a multitude of components.


But what if we would have a 'secret weapon' right at hand to tackle many of our challenges today?


Explore with us a new perspective to look at things - for yourself, your company and society.

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March 22nd & 23rd, 2022

Take these two days and learn from moms who took the leap and reached for the stars. They balance life and business. Impact through their leadership role companies & society. Inspire their children with love and kindness as role models. Healthy, strong and with care for next generation!


March 22nd & 23rd

Super low pricing to access all key-notes and sessions on both days.

Don't miss
amazing Masterclasses


with Recordings

Enjoy the key-notes and live workshop sessions on both days.


Access all recordings of the key-notes of the Summit of 2021 and 2022 (45+) at your convenience in the month of April & May.


recordings, workshops mastermind

Enjoy the key-notes and live workshop sessions on both days.


Access all key-notes recordings AND WORKSHOPS of the Summit of 2021 and 2022 (45+/20+) at your convenience in April & May & June.


Join a powerful MasterMind group which meets once a months until June.



Leading moms from around the globe will share their insights of how to combine motherhood and business, how they overcame challenges and what impact they are driven by.

With best practices from BBDO, Bachmann Group,
Forbes School, Roche, Publicis Sapient, DHL, PWC and Bayer to start-ups and academia.


Network like in a real-live conference.
And learn in several Masterclasses leadership skills of the future.

21 key-notes       Masterclasses & Panels     Networking

Flow of the day

STAGE - Leadership moms - from top corporate levels to entrepreneurs - share their path, challenges  and solutions - real, authentic, blunt and raw.

SESSIONS - Parallel you can learn in interactive sessions to crack up your leadership skills with cutting-edge models.

And last but not least: NETWORK, connect and engage with others around the globe - just like in the physical world.

Changing the future of business means thinking about next generations now.

Speaker Line-Up

Diversity of Thoughts

21 leading moms (and dads) from all continents of the world share with you their stories - real & insightful. They come from different cultures and backgrounds and all hierarchical levels. They are moms of one or four and all ages - young to adults.
A true firework of diversity!

2 Interviews and a Workshop will also be in German (DEUTSCH)


Enjoy a VIP pass and you receive the recordings of the days plus ALL from our last year Summit, such as these wonderful leading ladies sharing their experiences and insights.

Of course
a male perspective should not be missed
Within the upgrade are also interviews with managers from several companies included such as Vodafone, Havas, Happiness Foundation, Nestle and Marienhaus Group

Ready to join?


Register for the two days (March 22nd/23rd) here. We choose a very cool cutting-edge platform to give you all the perks like a real-time event.


Watch for guiding emails with speaker backrounds, tips on how to make the most out of the summit days and regenerative leadership insights. The journey of transformation already began.


Schedule time. Clear your calendar. It's leadership and career time, an investment in YOU - with a crucial impact to your family and society. Make yourself priority for the day. It will come back in multiple ways.


Share with your friends and colleagues. Make your HR department aware of it and your leadership team. Expand your circle of influence. Find yourself an accountability partner and cheerleader on your side to grow and support in your next chapter.

Regenerative Leadership

interactive MASTERCLASSES 

various topics such as: 

  • Total Intelligence - How do we tap into the full spectrum of all forms of wisdom - from IQ to EQ, to RQ and LQ.

  • Super Powers of a Female Leader.

  • Living Organization - the most important tools and mindset to spearhead a team globally for sustainable growth.

  • Find your values, lead with purpose. The path of leading with meaning and impact.

  • Requisite Agility - a manifesto beyond scaling.

From 9am to 9pm CET
each one hour long

  • Shifting Roles, Breaking Patterns and Changing Systems.

  • Discover the power of enSOULment on an individual and systemic level

  • The Healing Organization by Raj Sisodia


We will have live 10+ MasterClasses - all from top thought-leaders in the field of regenerative leadership. A firework of cutting-edge and progressive perspectives, tools and proven methods to accelerate today with a mindset for next generations.

  • Like to host a Masterclass too?

MasterClasses & Workshops

SUMMIT Workshops(2).jpg

Each hour a world-class thought-leader will share their methods, mindsets and mythologies on the topic of Regenerative Leadership. We invite conversations, exchange and provocative questions.