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Someone once said to me 'Do good and speak about it'. This stuck with me as I really don't like to speak about myself. But I do love to speak about LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION and SOCIAL IMPACT. And for me it's a no-brainier that one of the most crucial role-models in this equation are MOMS. We give life, we nurture generations, we re-build after wars, we are highly educated and we lead in all forms NEW WORK is described today.

So lets speak about it, close the gap and transform businesses into the force for good.

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Do you know

  • That the talent gap in Germany alone in 2030 is more than 2 Mio of skilled workers?

  • That right now - never before in history - 5 generations are working side by side?

  • Generation X (40-54 years) is the strongest age group (which probably one of the genders is a parent, struggling to balance work & life)?

  • Exponentially we develop technology but not our human potential?

  • That the 'Why' is today one of the most centered topics in business?

  • That creativity and curiosity are the leading soft skills today necessary to succeed as a manager? (well seen in moms!)

  • That the quest for diversity and inclusion is not alone the key of business success but the urge of people to feel a sense of belonging and aliveness?

  • That research shows that moms are better in crises, with top listening skills and seen us the driver for a high performing teams?

These are just a few facts connected to the topic and impact of MOMS WHO LEAD.

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About Eve Simon,
Founder & CEO, Moms Who Lead

German by nature, Californian by heart - that promises an unusual approach in all Eve Simon does. She is a New Work consultant, executive coach, key-note speaker, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur.           

With a systemic perspective Eve as a futurist brings in new impulses and creative ideas to her global clients (eg Lufthansa, VW, Bayer, Novartis and many entrepreneurs) and urges for a collective and sustainable new work approach.

With a deep knowledge and expertise in Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth she merges different viewpoints into new solutions, bridging the gap from success to significance.

She holds a Master degree from Switzerland besides various other certifications in coaching, mindfulness and agile methods; leading divisions in corporate for 14 years and runs her boutique consulting firm InspirationWithoutBorders since 2005.

Eve founded the initiative LadiesLead Change in 2005 to help female leaders to grow their impact radiance which now expanded into MOMS WHO LEAD. Her vision of a work culture where everyone can thrive also manifested in the Future of Leadership Salon, a movement which puts crucial conversations and co-creation first.

Eve lives currently with her daughter in two continents – Silicon Valley, CA and Düsseldorf, Germany.

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