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Human-Robot Friendship

Testimonial love

It's always better people speak about their experiences themselves. Here we share their voices participating in our Summits, Interviews and Workshops. We are so grateful to have build such an amazing community in such a short time. Moms are rock-stars every day. Their heart and mind touches many. And we cherish all who became supporters on this journey for more equality and corporate well-being. It is so needed in our workforce around the globe.

Ute Trunte @ Amazon - Germany

"You can have it all - sure. The barrier is our perspective, the support system we build on and the mindset of what we truly want. The Inner Compass program was a great way to find strength, focus and direction for the next chapter of my life and leadership engagement. With the highlight of connecting with mothers from around the world. Truly inspiring."

Ute Trunte.jpg
Cristina Constantin.jpg

Cristina Constantin @ Microsoft - Sweden

"To see again how much we have in common and how unique we still are was a key insight for me in joining the Moms Who Lead program and support the storytelling journey initiative.We can learn so much from each-other and become stronger as moms and leaders when we connect to others and our own Inner North."

Stephanie @ TTTech Auto, AUSTRIA

'What an inspiring and deeply touching superpower program 🌈🌱 Thank you so much Maren and Eve for bringing us together, for sharing your wisdom of mind and heart and igniting meaningful sparks for change on our journey ✨ … you are role models for authentic purposeful reflective and inspirational female leadership! 💕'

Stephanie K.jpg
Michael Nuesser.jpg

Michael Nuesser @ Vodafone - Germany

"Motherhood is a boot-camp in agile mindset and behavior. So many parallels showcase how well equipped moms are for leading in the NEW WORK style and context. Collaborative, agile and conscious. I wish more moms could get the chance to step up and bring their full self to the table of decision making - just like the ones presented in the Summit."


Susanne @ SAP - Germany

"This is a great program. It's packed with goodness and served with warmth and feminine power."

Susanne Mayer.jpg
Deb (2).jpg

Deborah, Entrepreneur - California

"This Inner Compass Leadership program was the most inspiring experience of my lifetime. This is what transpired during our reflective inquiries & guided meditations:  Instead of focusing on my ego and pride, I found love and light instead. An appreciation for the trials of life.
The freedom to accept how God made me to be, and put down the worlds unspoken expectations on who we should be and we should succeed.  By doing this I’m fully embracing my soul and nurturing my spirit."


"Dear Eve, dear Maren,
I would like to thank you once again for allowing me to participate in the training. I enjoyed it very much and I will pass this feedback on to our women's network 100WF. I think that every woman who wants to get ahead in her professional life should take part in such a training. It is a systematic self-reflection that you cannot do alone.
I wish you continued joy and success in your work."


Ricarda @ Havas, GERMANY

"I found it great that the approach is not to impose any management theories and models on the participants in the hope this makes them a better leader. Instead, the journey starts with oneself and that is good and important. Because if you know what you want and what you stand for, you can transfer that to your team. The days help you to find yourself and to develop an individual action plan from your own motivation. This mixture of "soft analysis" and "hard facts" are a successful mixture."

And a few live voices in German from colleagues from Volvo


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Image by Alexander Shatov


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