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If we want to bring more moms into leadership roles, we can not expect that moms are still fulfilling the role as mom, care taker and household manager as before. We need change, support and alliances.


The involvement of fathers is key!

We see, especially in younger generations, that fathers are stepping up. Equally managing the house hold and care work for their family and kids.

So we thought, let's also spotlight fathers around the globe. They are also leaders, decision makers and colleagues in the corporate context and will give us a new angle and perspective on this topic.

As alliances to moms in leadership!

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Only together we can drive change so moms can step into leadership roles.

With 50+ interviews we offer one of the largest living libraries of active role modeling and learning around the globe.

Thanks to many male and female role models we were able to create this hub to learn, grow and get inspired by - to birth collectively a healthy (business)world with equal opportunities to design sustainable solutions for next generations.

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