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Sharing is Caring

Here you will find FREE RESOURCES and other inspiration about how we support the movement of bringing more moms into the spotlight. Please, let us know about great books, articles or other offers via our contact buttons & forms. We believe in the power of the collective.


Interview with Vicki Zoll

How would you like to get a sneak peek of one of our interviews?

Please enjoy the great insights Vicki, Senior Director at Publicis Sapient has to share. Additionally, here is another article on how Publicis Sapient celebrates role-model moms such as Vicki.

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Bring your voice into the Living Library & Wisdom Hub

Are you a mom working in the corporate world in a leadership role? We would LOVE to interview you too. We are always looking for role models and ways that we can support working moms, just like you. Being part of our Wisdom Hub helps to elevate your career and employer branding.

We have already included 50+ interviews with many more to go. It's crucial for change that we hear real and courageous stories. Next, it could be you.

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Moms Who Lead @ TEDx

In 2022 we conducted the TEDsKoenigsallee Women event, and of course, we had to give the spotlight to 5 amazing moms around the globe.

It was amazing to coach all these great women and see them stepping into their genius.



Key-Note & Speaker Coaching

In 2028 our Founder Eve Simon was on the TEDx stage speaking about her favorite topic 'The Future of Leadership'. From the corporate stage to conferences around the globe Eve has inspired many to rethink the way we do business.

Since then she has coached many leaders - such as the TEDx ladies above -, to share their impactful stories.

How about you? Are ready to storm the stage?



Linked-In & Blog

You will find us mostly on LinkedIn sharing stories, activities, inspiration and insights.

Our book and Whitepaper will be published in 2023. Stay tuned! We have just launched our blog and LinkedIn article series; 'Moms Lead Change'. Please follow us and share when you feel called!

Image by Alexander Shatov


Clients Love

It's always better when people speak about their experiences themselves. Here we share the incredible voices that have participated in our Summits, Interviews and Workshops. We are so grateful to have built such an amazing community in such a short time. Moms are rock stars every day. Their hearts and minds touch many. This is needed in today's world, with an urgency more than ever before.

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Since Eve started this initiative in 2021, we have been published in many media outlets from Business Insider and Start-up Valley to several podcasts.

You will find many on our PRESS site or LinkedIn page.

Would you like to write or talk about MOMS LEAD? We are thrilled and we are just an email away.

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21-Day Self Care Challenge

The life of working moms is busy and often driven by outer circumstances. There is little time between our careers and taking care of our kids and family left for ourselves. We all know, how important putting our own oxygen mask on first is to ensure we can care for others. With that in mind, we have created a unique collection of self-care prompts to incorporate into your life and maybe even in business.

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