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September 23rd, 2021


Being a mom is not a bug, but a key-feature for future business success!

2021 was a firework of inspiration.

12h of learning and conversations

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 from 9am to 9pm CET

21 key-note speakers from around the globe
from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Vodafone to midsize and start-ups

17 live workshops and lots of networking

with 150+ attendees from 22 nations participating

You missed it? No worries. We have all for you here

Find all recordings here

And we do it again

Explore here all our content, speakers and workshops from 2021


Leading moms from around the globe shared their insights of how to combine motherhood and business, how they overcame challenges and what impact they are driven by.


We networked like in a real-live conference. And learn in several Masterclasses leadership skills of the future.

21 key-notes       17 Masterclasses     Networking

Join us again

On March 22nd and 23rd. 2022 more Leadership moms - from top corporate levels to entrepreneurs and academia - share their path, challenges  and solutions - real, authentic, blunt and raw.

Again we offer parallel interactive sessions to crack up your leadership skills with cutting-edge models.

And last but not least: network, connect and engage with others around the globe - just like in the physical world.

Changing the future of business means thinking about next generations now.

Speaker Line-Up 2021

22 leading moms from all continents of the world share with you their stories - real & insightful. They come from different cultures and backgrounds and all hierarchical levels. They are moms of one or four and all ages - young to adults. A true firework of diversity!

21 inspiring Key-Notes

No worries. Recordings are still available.
And even more will launch March 22nd, 2022


We had also 2 Interviews and 4 live Workshops
in German (DEUTSCH).

and not to be missed
A male perspective

4 additional interviews with Leaders & Fathers available

And a panel with male executives
from Nestle, Vodafone and Marienhaus Group

It's first of all an investment in YOU!

Self-Mastery is key!

Learn from moms who took the leap and reached for the stars.

They balance life and business.
Impact through their leadership role companies & society.
Inspire their children with love and kindness as role models.

Healthy, strong and with care for next generation!


Summit 2022

OL compass.jpg

virtual Program

Female Leadership 2022_cover (1).jpg

in-Person Accelerator

Like to book a Focus Coaching Session?

Good Karma Ticket

222,- €

Good Karma

Workshop Sessions 2021

17 MASTERCLASS sessions

  • Embodied Leadership - How do we tap into the full intelligence spectrum which is available to us. Sharpen to listen to our intuition and embracing a holistic approach

  • How to stay healthy in our body, mind and spirit when demands are high and time is limited

  • The art of hosting - Instead of Open Space Technology or a Scrum approach, give your meetings a deeper and more human touch to not just create the same, but find solutions build on refraiming the problem.

  • Find your values, lead with purpose. The path of leading with meaning and impact.

Like to host a workshop?

  • These are just a few of the 17 sessions we created for you in 2021. All you find in the agenda or in hopin.

We always love to partner with thought-leader and facilitator - of course moms.

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Thank you

to all our partners

Without you we couldn't have done that.

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